Saturday, February 21, 2015

Food waste facts

Yes, this post is going to start by sounding very cliché, but there are people starving out there, are you really going to throw away that plate of pasta?

That plate of pasta that you could pop in the fridge and have tomorrow for lunch.

That plate of pasta that took 185 litres of water and deforested land to make. Let’s not forget the 280g of CO2 released for its production and transporting. Of course, no, you cannot feed that plate of pasta to a malnourished person. But I would definitely call that waste. Waste of our resources. Resources that could be used to feed many others and in a much more responsible way.

So every time you throw away perfectly edible food, you’re wasting lots of energy, time, fuel and water that went into its production, transportation and even cooking.

Yep, that amount of fossil fuels used in bringing that pasta to your house- POUF. Gone, absolutely useless. But no worries, fossil fuels are an unlimited resource right?
(WRONG. That was me trying to be sarcastic, just in case, anyone took that seriously ;) )

Unfortunately food isn't just wasted in homes, it’s wasted everywhere. And by everywhere I mean on the fields, in the farms, factories, supermarkets, shops, schools, everywhere.

Here are some pretty shocking facts for you:

Did you know that the aesthetic criteria of supermarkets cause 20-30% of the fruit and vegetables from the UK to be thrown away even before it leaves the farm? Either because they are too small, too funny looking or too ‘ugly.’  Ugly fruit, really? I retain myself from thinking people are that picky as to only choose ‘perfect’ looking food. If you find yourself thinking that you might be one of these people then I must let you in a little secret – ugly vegetables are just as yummy as pretty ones! J

Did you know that if you took one quarter of the wasted food in the UK, Europe and the USA you could feed all malnourished people in the world, and keep them nourished? Say whaat?

Or that one third of the food produced in the whole wide world is wasted every year? Approximately 1.3 billion tons. That’s a lot of food.

Or did you know that the water used for irrigating all wasted food can supply domestic needs of 9 billion people?? That’s more people than there are on the earth right now!!! And there are people who don’t even have domestic water supply!!!

Well, I didn't know. Before taking on my journey I knew some of the consequences of wasting food, but I didn't realise their extent. And now I know. And to whoever reads this, now you know too! And we can stop wasting food together. For the environment, for us.

I will also be creating a post with some tips on how to reduce food waste at home. Small acts that can do so much! J

If you want to know more about food waste, I definitely recommend watching these two videos:

1.  FAO food waste footprint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoCVrkcaH6Q (only 3 minutes long!)

2.  Tristan Stuart (founder of Feedback) Ted talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/tristram_stuart_the_global_food_waste_scandal

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