Monday, April 20, 2015

Storing Leafy Greens

Some say not to wash greens if you’re not using them straight away as they will go off faster, some say to place them in a glass jar, and some say to wrap them in a tea towel. 
I wrap them in kitchen roll and put them in a plastic bag! I find this method works best for me and the greens will still be fresh and crisp at the end of the week! I used collard and tried it with kale, but I’m sure it would work with other greens too!

This method is:



Great for reducing food waste!

Step 1: I Quickly rinse the leaves under some water. I buy mine at the farmers market, so they have little flecks of soil. Soil in my food, hmm yum!

Step 2: I then pat the leaves dry with a tea towel

Steps 3 and 4: After placing them one on top of the other, I wrap the leaves in kitchen roll and put them in a plastic bag.

Step 5: I take out as much air as possible, tie a knot, and voila! Leafy greens that will last me a week

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