Friday, March 4, 2016

What makes a good gift?

What makes a good gift? A question I have been pondering on during the past few months filled with birthdays-Christmas-Valentine’s day-anniversaries-more birthdays. I like to give meaningful gifts as those are the presents I like to receive the most. Something that will be useful, something that will bring happiness, curiosity, knowledge.

Consumerism has also been on my mind lately, especially during these gift-filled months. Do things really make us happy? Do gifts bring us happiness in those 5 seconds – 10 minutes- 1 hour after we open them, but never replenish that happiness in the following months? Are we obsessed with owning things, and more things, expensive things, pretty things, because they ultimately bring us happiness?

I believe that every appreciated gift brings us joy. But not all make it last, to the point where we forget about it and another gift comes along.

Minimalism encourages giving experiences as gifts – and I like that idea. An experience stays with us forever and there is no waste involved. A little holiday, a relaxing de stressing spa, a wine tasting session, entrance to an art museum, a musical, a concert. No tangible object. A great more emotions.

Meaningful experiences. But can objects be good gifts too? I believe they can.

Lately I have been given a good gift. A great gift. Through this gift I know the person cares for me. Through this gift I know they know me. It is a small gift. But does this matter? No. It is a gift that embodies who I am and will help me grow as a person. It is eight pencils made of recycled paper.  They were given to me along with a special diary in which I can write my successes, so when there is a failure it is there for me to flip through, to bring back positivity.  Those recycled pencils are little but bring me lots of joy.

So what is a good gift? For me it is a gift that can be an experience, a gift that shows the giver cares for me, a gift that will help me grow, a gift that is useful.

What do you think makes a good gift? Let me know!


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